An amazing thing about current bridal trends is that anything goes.  This has often been the case for fashion jewelry, but bridal has always tended to veer towards a more traditional approach.  After all, you hope to wear this ring for the rest of your life.

Most often women tended to stick to the safe tradition of wearing a diamond center stone engagement ring together with a matching wedding band that sits perfectly flush against it.  But it’s refreshing to see that today’s brides are making their own rules and anything goes. Some choose to wear a color center stone, some choose to forgo a center stone and wear a diamond band, or 3, or more.

Brides are more daring than ever before and place heavy, emotional importance on their jewelry, especially the pieces they wear every day, to have meaning.  Whether you’re close or far to getting engaged, there is tons of inspiration out there for your left (or right!) ring finger that will reveal to the world your promise of forever.

If you’re an avid jewelry lover, you’ve probably been pinning the heck out of your smartphone or iPad with fabulous boards of all sorts of gorgeous baubles. No doubt then in your Pin-travels and Insta-travels, you’ve noticed that the stackable trend is all around us and is not going away any time soon. Not only in fashion jewelry but lately (and thankfully), in the bridal realm as well.

It’s quite brilliant really, as we have limited fingers but so many tempting baubles to choose from. Why wear them just 1 or 2 at a time when you can expose them all at once, for all the world to appreciate.  You can plan for a nice addition to your engagement ring may it be your next BirthdayAnniversaryHoliday and Mother’s Day gifts.  There are so many amazing options out there, that it can feel overwhelming, not to mention intimidating when trying to build your very own bridal stack. Thankfully there are ways to get the look for every budget and taste and we are here to help no matter your style.